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What problems should be paid attention to in paper tube customization?

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Small paper tube is very useful, many industrial manufacturing can not do without Paper tube And they all need to be customized in large quantities. What problems should be paid attention to in the paper tube customization? The following professional paper tube manufacturers are introduced in detail:

1. When the paper tube is customized, the size is very important. Generally, there are accurate parameters, and the error also has certain requirements. Therefore, the parameters must be discussed accurately by both parties, and the manufacturer must be able to produce.

 Customized paper tube

2. Paper tube customization is often a large number, so it is necessary to discuss the cutting and processing problems in the early stage, because this also requires a certain amount of cost, and there are also technical requirements when processing and cutting, and sometimes there will be bulges or other problems at the cutting part.

3. Then there are problems such as material, thickness, printing, etc., which need to be discussed in advance. Once the production is started, it can not be changed. If there is an error, it is a large number of products that have made mistakes. Therefore, the communication between both parties should be completed in advance.

I'll share with you what problems you need to pay attention to in Shijia's customization, which one is good for paper tube customization, and it is very important to choose a manufacturer for paper tube customization. Choosing a good manufacturer can avoid many problems

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