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Process flow of slitting and rewinding of chemical fiber paper tube

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In the production process of industrial chemical fiber paper tube, each process will affect the chemical fiber Paper tube It is the first process to form the inner diameter, wall thickness, gram weight and compressive strength of paper tube. The wall thickness of the paper tube is determined by the number of reels and the thickness of the strips. The width of the paper strip is generally 0.8 ~ 1.5 times of the inner diameter of the paper tube, but it should not be wider than 200 mm. The larger the inner diameter of the paper tube, the smaller the ratio.

The process of slitting and rewinding chemical fiber paper tube is as follows

 Paper tube

1. Check the original paper before cutting money. If there is any abnormality (serious damage, wrong specification, etc.), timely feedback should be made.

2. Before starting the machine, adjust the tool according to the user's requirements. 1) According to the thickness of the cutting base paper, the overlapping size of the upper and lower knives is adjusted, and the value range is generally 2 ~ 2.5mm. 2) According to the paper width required by the user, the props should be reasonably combined, and the waste edges on both sides of the cut original paper should not exceed 10 mm. If this standard cannot be reached due to the reason of base paper or equipment, in order to improve the utilization rate of base paper, the paper with narrow side can be reserved for use on the intermediate layer of pipe rolling process, and the "middle layer" shall be marked on it, and its size is allowed to be 4 ~ 5mm narrower than the normal value.

3. In the process of cutting base paper, the tension of base paper should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the tightness of reeling paper can meet the needs of the next process. If there is a gap or fracture in the base paper, the machine should be shut down immediately, and the adhesive tape should be used to cut, and the broken end of the winding paper should be marked clearly, which is conducive to the timely detection and treatment of the rolling process.

4. The diameter of the cut paper is determined according to the use requirements, and the paper width tolerance should be controlled within 2 mm.

5. Specifications, paper width, weight, origin of base paper, slitting date and operator shall be indicated on the surface of slitted paper.

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