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What is the difference between wrapping paper tube and high-end paper tube?

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Paper tube is a very common commodity, which is made of simple paper materials. However, the major bright spot is again. Because there is not too much cost input, there are more artificial designs and more artificial value Paper tube At present, a small paper tube is enough to have greater value. Today, I would like to briefly introduce the difference between packaging paper tube and industrial paper tube

 Paper tube

1. High strength paper tube Description: high compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in paper, film and other large winding industry. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for winding with high speed and large capacity, and has high cost performance.

2. Description of iron head paper pipe: the end is reinforced with iron head to meet the demand of turnover and recycling, improve performance and save cost.

3. Spandex paper tube Description: precise geometric size and weight, high strength, can be professional slotting, automatic production of imported equipment, excellent quality, huge capacity, suitable for the use of spandex filament winding.

4. Small wall thick paper tube Description: thin wall, flat end face, accurate length, suitable for adhesive tape, plastic film, medical and other industries.

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