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What causes paper tube deformation?

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Paper tube can be seen everywhere in our daily life, because Paper tube The environmental protection and low cost of the paper tube are sought after by the industrial enterprises. In the process of using the paper tube, it is inevitable that the paper tube is deformed. What is the cause of the paper tube deformation? Now 91pr备用网址chinese and you will introduce in detail:

 Paper tube

Because the paper tube product is a paper product as a whole, it is more sensitive to moisture. If it is used in a humid environment, the moisture contained in the air is easy to enter the product interior and improve the overall moisture content, which will reduce the strength of the product to a certain extent. At the same time, under the condition of ensuring the external force exerted by some articles, deformation will appear. In addition to the environment, there is also a relationship between the processing quality of the products. If the quality is treated, it will naturally be able to be used for a long time, while the products with poor quality will be much lower in use. Therefore, it is recommended to select the products with appropriate quality as far as possible to ensure the dryness of the surrounding environment, This can be very good to avoid deformation and other situations.

The above is about the paper tube deformation of some of the factors, I hope the above knowledge can help you, if there are other needs, you can also call us for consultation.  

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