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What industries are paper tubes mainly used in?

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With the vigorous development of China's industry, the demand for auxiliary materials for industrial development has gradually increased, Paper tube With the characteristics of low cost, recycled and more environmental protection, it is widely sought after by users, resulting in more and more extensive use of paper tube. It is widely used in textile, industry, papermaking, packaging, chemical fiber and other industries. Next, Wuxi Yuantong paper tube factory and you introduce the paper tube mainly used in which industries?

 Paper tube

Paper tube involves a lot of industries have greater use, what are the specific? For example, DTY tube, POY tube, FDY tube, nylon tube, spandex tube, spandex coated yarn tube, etc. for chemical fiber industry, the printing industry is mainly used for barrel printing, film printing and paper printing, and PU leather, real leather and carpet leather for leather industry. Tubes for food packaging, such as tea leaf cans, potato chips cans, candy cans, salt cans, cake box tubes, metallurgical industry tubes, tubes for shell plates, tubes for exhibition industry, column paper tubes for exhibition, etc.

91pr备用网址chinese has 28000 square meters workshop, 20 million registered cost and more than 100 employees. At present, it has 6 advanced spiral tube production lines and testing equipment, with a production capacity of 25000 tons. It can produce 4mm-500mm inner diameter paper cylinder, 5 rapid paper separators, 8 automatic CNC precision cutting machines, and 8 large and small drying rooms, Modern equipment provides a guarantee for large-scale production and ensuring the quality of products. At the same time, it has obtained iso9001:2015 quality management system certification and iso14001:2015 environmental management system certification. The paper tube produced has the characteristics of high strength, good straightness, stable surface gap, energy conservation and environmental protection, and good cost performance.  

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