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Specification and size standard of paper tube

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With the rapid development of China's industry, the economic benefits of paper tube manufacturers are getting better and better, Paper tube It can promote the cooperation of paper tube packaging and dismantling, and promote the sales of paper tube. For example, adding more artistic imagination to the paper tube packaging disassembly can better improve the commodity, attract consumers, promote the sales, expand the publicity, strengthen the talent of market cooperation, and expand the consumption of products for the new year's Eve. Today, Wuxi Yuantong paper pipe factory Xiaobian shares with you the specifications and size standards of paper tubes.

 Paper tube

Production of high-strength industrial paper tube, paper core tube products with their low cost, light weight, easy to recover, pollution-free and other advantages, in the paper industry, packaging industry, textile chemical fiber industry has been widely used. It can be used not only as the inner core of all kinds of web paper and paperboard, but also as the textile bobbin for filament, polyester, polypropylene and spandex. Especially, the paper tube used in textile industry has gradually replaced the cone-shaped bobbin. We pay attention to the quality of paper core and paper tube together, and the concept of technical request for base paper has also changed greatly. Yuantong paper pipe factory mainly produces high strength pressure paper tube Such as paper industry, textile, bleaching and dyeing, por pipe, PVC pipe, PC pipe, for pipe, BOPP pipe, paper can, fax paper core, cloth reel, leather reel, paper core tube for plastic film, electroacoustic equipment, car subwoofer tube and various kinds of tea, wine can and so on.

Production paper tube standard: inner diameter 6 mm - 600 mm, thickness 0. 6 mm - 40 mm, length unlimited, standard can be produced according to customer needs. All kinds of paper core papermaking is a continuous production process, so the continuous and orderly control of production lines has become the bottleneck restricting the quality and output value of finished paper. As a powerful control method after the mid-1990s, variable frequency speed regulation has entered the paper-making field which originally belongs to DC speed regulation (applicable to large and medium-sized paper machines) and slip motor (suitable for medium and small paper machines), and has nearly obtained outstanding market effect.

 Industrial paper tube

Paper tube size parameters:

[inner diameter] Ф All sizes of 4mm-500mm can be customized.

[thickness] the wall thickness is 0.5mm-25mm.

[length] all sizes can be customized.

[surface] surface paper includes: white cattle hide, yellow cattle hide, parchment paper, waterproof paper and anti sticking paper.

[inner wall] the inner wall can be customized.

To bundle or bag

[storage] it is recommended to store in dry and ventilated room

Paper tube is widely used in film, chemical fiber, printing, papermaking, textile, electronic, plastic, food, tape and other industrial products.

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