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Characteristics, specifications and applications of high strength paper tube

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high strength Paper tube High compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in paper, film and other large winding industry Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for winding with high speed and large capacity Environment friendly and water-resistant paper tube adhesive is stable in storage, good in water resistance, environmentally friendly, non combustible and non irritating odor. The demand of water-resistant paper pipe is increasing in the fields of daily necessities, ornamental plants, light industry, packaging, plastics and so on. Such as toilet roll inner core paper cylinder, paper products, leather, plastic film and other roll packaging paper tube.

 Paper tube

High strength paper tube Flat end face, accurate length, suitable for adhesive tape, plastic film, medical and other industries Firstly, polyvinyl alcohol and water are added into the reactor until the polyvinyl alcohol is fully dissolved; After all polyvinyl alcohol is dissolved, cool down, add strong acid and alkali, adjust pH value to 3.5 ~ 5.5, and keep warm; Under heat preservation, formaldehyde remover, starch and inorganic filler are added successively, mixed evenly, cooled to room temperature and filtered. Spandex paper tube has accurate geometric size and weight, high strength, can be professional slotting, automatic production of imported equipment, excellent quality, huge production capacity, suitable for the use of spandex filament winding.

Specification of strong paper tube The inner diameter is 5mm-226mm, the thickness is 1mm-40mm, the length is unlimited, the specification can be produced according to the customer's demand. A paper cylinder which can hold various forms of cylinder paper is composed of a back plate, a stop bar and a cover tube. There is a sliding groove between the movable back plate and the fixed back plate. The side where the two are not connected is fixed with a spring, and the outer side of the movable back plate is provided with a stop bar. The cover cylinder is installed on the fixed back plate, and the side connected with the movable back plate is open. The cover cylinder has a paper outlet, which is convenient to use and has a simple structure, Low installation cost, not easy to damage and other advantages.

Application of strong paper tube : chemical fiber industrial pipe: DTY tube, POY tube, FDY tube, nylon tube, spandex tube, spandex coated yarn tube. Film industrial pipe: BOPP, pet, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural plastic film, preservative film, winding film, plastic bag pipe (supermarket), aluminum coating, electrical capacitance film, C film, smoke film. Tube for printing industry: mainly used in barrel printing, film printing, paper printing, newsprint, bobbin paper, whiteboard paper, fax paper, bill paper, tipping paper, aluminum paper, writing paper, color parchment paper, cup paper, Tetra Pak paper, etc.

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